I must sympathise with PMB and his wife on the consequences of announcing the establishment of a university named after the patriarch of the family. 
Actually, PMB is befitting of a university named after him, especially if done by the Nigerian state. In fact, establishing a university by an individual in Nigeria is not bad. What is bad is that if such universities cannot be accessed by the majority of Nigerians. And you will agree with me that all private universities in Nigeria are evidently not approachable by majority of Nigerians.

This brings to question whether Madam Aisha's university named after her husband will live by the philosophies of Buhari, one of which is talakawa tendencies, and his penchant identification with poverty as an emblem of honesty. Not poverty but modest and moderate lifestyle which the Prophet of Islam has enjoined mankind to abide by. This is where my concern lies. Then, a wife is husband and a husband is wife. None shall stray too far from the other. That's why they are called companions. That's why they both own the university. So, in the spirit of Buhari, what will the school fee be like? Another is, all the queries Buhari supporters gave Atiku for his ABTI university will now have to be answered by Buhari too. 
I don't ask questions about where you get your money these days let alone insinuate something on the hitch Buhari got during the purchase of INEC forms. I acknowledge the immeasurable privileges the office of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria confers on the occupier. What I am not sure of is whether such privileges of four years could build a university let alone from his wife whose office was banned before arrival by Buhari himself. What would have shot down the fierce criticism that will trail Muhammadu Buhari University would have been the fact that Nigerian public universities had improved dramatically. Huh! Dear land of abundant oddities, you are so good in manufacturing incongruities. You raise blinding dust that makes every soul in thy belly, vulnerable to collisions. I hail thee.
Also, I am trying to connect NUC's assertion last week about processing registrations for 303 new private universities in Nigeria. I don't want to bother too much about the crippling unconcern response that Northern Nigerian elites will give to the efforts of NUC. I know they didn't apply. That's why we must be cautious in not discouraging Madam Aisha. In fact, she is challenging the old men of Northern Nigeria to action. Go on, Madam. At worst, our children will teach in your university and remain human being in these unending oddities of our land. 
Lastly, I wish to sympathise with my wife, who registered a secondary school with CAC since 2012 with the promise by a Nigerlite to help her with a block of four classrooms to start the integration of both Islamic and western education. Nothing has happened since then! Also, I sympathise with myself for being a witness to that. 
As for public universities in Nigeria, may you get well upon the second coming of Jesus Christ, when the world would be rebooted.
God bless Nigeria.

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