China unveils £1.7 billion world's largest solar panel

China has built a massive solar farm the size of 195 football pitches that reveals the pattern of a galloping horse when viewed from above.
The impressive project, with an overall investment of 15 billion yuan (£1.7 billion), occupies 1.4 square kilometres (345 acres) and consists of 196,320 solar panels.

The photovoltaic power station was connected to the grid last December and was crowned as 'the largest solar panel image' by the Guinness World Records last week.

Situated in the Kubuqi Desert, the solar farm is a stone's throw from China's 'ghost city' Ordos in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The animal design is inspired by the area's horse breeding industry and horse-racing tradition from the Mongolian herdsmen.
The project is part of a solar power theme park in Kubuqi, which in turn is part of the local government's effort to explore tourism and energy resources in the desert. 

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