Reason why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are Shutdown

connectivity issues plague its entire family of apps yesterday for 11 hours. 
Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were hit by an outage around 9 am ET that primarily affected photos, including uploads, Stories, and posts in the News Feed. 

The mass outage is likely to be linked as Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and the three share systems across apps and has been accredited to an error triggered by 'routine maintenance'. 
Facebook first acknowledged the issue around noon (ET) in a brief statement on Twitter, saying it was aware and 'working to get things back to normal.'
It later revealed it has fixed the problems around 8pm ET. 
Hours later it elaborated somewhat in a statement to Reuters, saying an internal problem was to blame.
'During one of our routine maintenance operations, we triggered an issue that is making it difficult for some people to upload or send photos and videos,' Facebook said Wednesday afternoon.  
Those in the UK, US and Europe appear to be hardest hit, though reports have come in from further afield as well, including Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Uruguay. 
In lieu of pictures, the sites showed the associated image tags.
The blip essentially meant users received a glimpse at exactly how Facebook sees your life, down to your hobbies, pets, and scenic snaps.

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