Tupac Shakur-obsessed social services boss is 'forced to resign after he emailed 4,300 staff a reminder it was the late rapper's birthday'

The director of the Iowa social services agency appears to have been ousted from his job a day after he emailed 4,300 employees some lyrics by his idol Tupac Shakur.
Jerry Foxhoven, 66, who routinely sent messages to employees lauding the late rapper's music and lyrics, even after at least one complained to lawmakers, was forced to resign when he emailed staff a reminder it was Tupac's birthday in June. 

Foxhoven, who was the Iowa Department of Human Services Director, was so keen to show he was a fan until the end of time that he hosted 'Tupac Fridays', traded lyrics with employees and even marked his own 65th birthday with Shakur-themed cookies - including ones decorated with the words 'Thug life.'
But it appears Foxhoven finally crossed the line when he sent an agency-wide email sharing a picture of the smiling rapper with an inspiration quote - at which point Iowa's governor may have decided it was time to start making some changes. 

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