Lewis Hamilton admits he has been 'battling demons'

A triumphant Lewis Hamilton celebrated his sixth Formula One world championship with family and friends in New York - after admitting he clinched his latest title while 'battling demons.'
Hamilton is now statistically the second greatest driver in history, moving above the great Argentine, Juan Manuel Fangio.

As well as being in a position to match Schumacher's title tally next year, the Mercedes driver is just eight victories shy of equalling the German's win record of 91, too.
It is an extraordinary feat, but one that Hamilton revealed has come at a cost.
'Every year you go through a different rollercoaster ride of emotions,' he said. 'Each and every single one of us is struggling with something in life.
'I try to show people that, from the outside, things always look great but it's not always the case.
'I am struggling with lots of different things and battling certain demons.
'When you look in the mirror each day, whether you feel good or you feel bad, there is always the darker side that's trying to pull you down, and you're constantly having to wake up.
'I look in the mirror each morning and I'm trying to lift myself up and say, "Yes, you can do it. Yes, you are great. Yes you can be fit if you go and put that time in. Yes, you can win this race if you do the right steps, and you continue to believe in yourself, and no one else is going to do it for you."'

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