Russian luxury gadget maker is selling ONE pair of Apple's AirPods wrapped in 18-karat gold for more than $67,000

Apple launched a redesign of its AirPods last month and now, a Russian firm has given them a luxurious makeover.

Caviar, a manufacturer of luxury smartwatches and accessories, is offering a pair of AirPods Pro wrapped in 18-karat gold for $67,790.
The earbuds and case are 75 percent and although much heavier than the original design, Caviar believes it ‘contributes to an extra unique feeling that these luxury ear plugs will give you’.

Cavier is known for its luxurious and imaginative creations – it offers a watch made with alligator skin, an iPhone with a moon rock in the case and other gadgets with creative designs.
Now the firm has transformed the all-white Apple AirPods Pro ‘into a sparkling gold bar’.

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