"there should be a museum where women can just strip off completely naked for the viewing pleasure of mostly men" Kelvin Odanz on today Sarcasm

Do not pay attention to all those angry about strong, independent women going naked on IG live for men's entertainment.

For years,men have forced women to hide their beautiful bodies inside clothes. Enough of it.Take off that Bra Queen, pour a gallon of milk on them for equality 
If we are being honest, men actually invented clothes as a way to oppress and control women. Decency is a social construct created by men.

Women have never really liked putting their beautiful bodies inside clothes. For years, it has been a tool to control female freedom by men. 
But I am glad we now live in a time where all those Patriarchal norms and notions are being dismantled: one public nudity at a time.

Today's women are daring, strong, independent, confident about their bodies and too willing to show them off to the world. 
And if you have an issue with seeing the beautiful bodies of strong, independent women in public, you are a misogynist.

I mean, women's body is art. How will anyone not want to see art displayed? Do people complain about arts in a museum? 
Actually, there should be a museum where women can just strip off completely naked for the viewing pleasure of mostly men.

I think if that happen, we might start appreciating women's body as an art. Since you people are too primitive to appreciate art on IG live. 
And for the beautiful women advancing women's empowerment by pouring gallons of milk on their naked body, we appreciate you all.

Y'all don't know what you're doing for future generation of women. Promoting body positivity is fundamental to today's feminist ideals. 
And for the men giving these women the platform on IG, we love you all. Giving women the platform to feel confident about their body is the best form of support for women.

For the men tuning in,watching and masturbating, thank you very much. Women are doing better because of you 
For those men who still have an issue with women feeling confident about their body, may you all burn in hell and remain sterile (in hell of course)

For our allies in this empowerment, keep the fire burning. Twerk it up, take it off, jerk it off. Cheers to women empowerment 🍹 

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