'Let the future not be the same for my son as it has been for my dad': David Oyelowo tearfully discusses the racism his family has faced

David Oyelowo tearfully discussed racism he and his family have faced in a moving video he shared via Instagram on Thursday.

The Selma star, 44, detailed his experiences with discrimination as he told fans how he has felt since the death of George Floyd last week after Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes.

Admitting recent weeks 'have been impossibly difficult', David said: 'In a bid to pull myself out of the hole I have been in I've tried to look to the future, the future that my children will step into, but in a bid to do that I have had to look at the past.'

Discussing what his father Stephen went through in the 60s David went on: 'When he arrived in the UK people would check for his tail to see if he had one, he had coffee thrown in his face, hot coffee, he was spat at, he couldn't rent a place to live because it was "No Blacks, No Irish, No dogs". 

'He would tell me these stories and they felt like something relegated to the past, something that we had moved on from, I stepped into a future that I determined was going to be different.'
David said his father wasn't supportive of his dream of being an actor at first as he was scared of the discrimination he'd face, but 'was proud' when the actor was cast as the King of England in a play with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
However, at that time David was forced to deal with instances of discrimination as he had to have 'people who were having to sift through my fan mail because I was getting so much hate mail for playing that role.'

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