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As always, politicians in this country are a different specie of people. They are amazing as they are amusing. With their lack of direction and focus, you can easily tell their misunderstanding of good politics. Today, I am amazed at how some of them (especially some of them who hold political offices from Niger State) are falling over themselves to issue out forms to some Nigerlites to enroll in the Federal
Government's Social Investment Program called N-Power. I am surprised at their actions as I foresee they may make a mess of the process this time (a)round. What purpose will these forms actually serve? Why would they not leave the process of registration/enlistment as it was in 2016 and or 2017 or so? While some people hold the opinion that the distribution of the forms is meant to assist the electorate,
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 others contend that the action will help facilitate the process of enlistment in the scheme. While I am not against any form of assistance to the electorate, I actually see the competition of issuing forms this way as unhealthy and counterproductive. It may lead to a lot of inconsistencies, and data loss. This is in addition to the fact that the exercise may be hijacked and its aims defeated due to competing and or unreasonable demands from these politicians.
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The Minister, in charge of the social program, erred by issuing out 50, 000 forms to the lawmakers. Why would they not leave it open to all Nigerians as it was done in 2016 and 2017? May Allah guide and deliver our leaders on the right path.
Be that as it may, let Nigerlites or anyone already collecting forms from these politicians NOT be deceived by the visionless plans of any politician in this regard. Let them shine their eyes very well. Let them separate the chaff from the grains and go about their usual way of applying to get enrolled and await enlistment. As things stand today, the forms are FREE and are from the Federal Government and could simply be accessed through a verified website, or visit a Cyber Cafe or any designated center for your registration. REGISTRATION IS FREE, FREE AND FREE. So, if any politician comes to you and say he or she is giving you free N-Power forms, such a politician is lying and trying to take an undue advantage. So far, I have seen Senator Muhammed Bima, Rep. Saidu Musa Abdul (SMA), Rep. Usman Gbatamagi, Member Haruna Dokodza, and Bida LGA Chairman, Suleiman Sheshi issued out statements or forms in regard to the N-Power palaver. Issuance of N-Power forms should not be their priority, please. Let them concentrate on how to evolve strategies that can stamp illiteracy, ignorance, sanitation problems, hunger, poverty and diseases out of our communities. Let them allow Nigerlites to do their N-Power registration seemlessly and avoid politicizing the process. After all, they did not assist anyone in the previous exercises and they went very well fine.
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The aforementioned politicians and others alike should kindly channel their energies toward other impactful and general interest programs that could benefit the people from all walks of life. This is so because, as a matter of fact, what I see these politicians doing now is WANTING TO TAKE CREDIT AND GLORY FOR ANOTHER MAN'S WORK. The N-Power program is an initiative of the Federal Government as led by President Muhammadu Buhari. So, if any politician needs any achievements to show, let him think out of the box and bring up his own innovative programmes to singlehandedly sponsor. It is not enough to start issuing forms now only to come around tomorrow to list them as part of your achievements. That will be quite ridiculous, more so at the detriment of other worthy development projects.

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