Mourners pray over George Floyd's gold casket at his Minneapolis memorial service

Mourners gathered in Minneapolis on Thursday for the first of a series of memorials for George Floyd, whose death at the hands of police has sparked turbulent protests around the world against racial injustice - as his family's attorney says it will be a celebration of his life but also a plea to America not to let his death be in vain. 

The service is being held at the Lindquist Sanctuary at North Central University in Minneapolis in the first of three that will be held for Floyd in different cities over the next six days.  
Inside the sanctuary, his golden casket was flanked by white and purple flowers inside the university's Lindquist Sanctuary where an image was also projected of a mural painted at the street corner where Floyd was pinned to the ground by police. The message on the mural: 'I can breathe now.'

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