US ranked among worst countries to raise a family

The US is one of the worst countries in the world to raise a family, while Britain also scores badly, according to new research.

America was ranked 34 out of 35 in a comparison of the world's biggest economies, scoring three 'F' grades for safety, cost of living and work-life balance, a 'D minus' for health, and a 'C+' for happiness and education.
Overall, it was given an 'F' grade for raising a family, with only Mexico coming out worse. 
The 'Raising a Family Index' was compiled from 30 studies of countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) which are advanced democracies with wealthy economies.
Britain, meanwhile, was given a 'B minus' rating, ranking it 23rd, with scores including a 'D minus' for work-life balance and an 'F' for cost of living.  
It scored average for health (C) and education (C+) but better for happiness (A) and safety (B). 
Iceland came out top of the table and Scandanavia did well with Norway, Sweden and Finland in the top 5 and all scoring A+.
Mexico finished bottom with a clean sweep of 'F' in every category, and Chile, Turkey and Bulgaria were the other countries in the bottom five.

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