Falana, ASUP are ignorant of the law, Dzukogi’s reappointment followed due process - Ministry

An official of the Federal Ministry of Education today in Abuja described the recent reported opposition of Falana and ASUP to the reappointment of the Rector of Federal Polytechnic Bida, Dr Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi as the height of ignorance of the law.

The official also asked President Muhammadu Buhari and the Minister of Education Adamu Adamu to ignore the petition written by the the duo of Falana and ASUP for want of facts and logical reasoning.

He stated in a statement in Abuja that the Ministry acted in the best interest of the system by allowing Dr. Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi, an opportunity to complete his second term in 2023, adding that appointment and reappointment of Rectors in Nigeria are vested in the hands of the President through a recommendation of the Governing Council to the Ministry.

"The President has since approved a reappointment of four years in accordance with the Polytechnic Act and the extant laws guiding the civil service. So, permit me to ask Mr. Falana and ASUP to respect the law and abide by its provisions thoroughly." the official who did not want his name in print added.

He said: "the voluntary retirement of the Rector is a prerequisite to enjoy his second term of four years uninterrupted, since he would be left with two years after retirement to complete his tenure. So, we have taken note of the law and relevant guidelines towards ensuring that the reappointment of the Rector followed due process. For us, we won't allow anybody, no matter how highly placed, to promote selfish agenda over the collective good of all. We are guided by the law and we won't give room for any mischief to take place, " he added.

“our decision is guided by the provisions of the Polytechnic Act 2019 as amended. Let me say without any equivocation that the union leaders in Bida are shameless for spreading falsehood and outright lies about the whole thing. We, the Ministry, acted in accordance with the laws of the land in reappointing Dr. Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi as Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Bida. The minister got the best legal advice before reappointing the Rector because it is in line with Section 8 (6)c of the new Polytechnic Act which states that where a Rector is serving a second tenure of four years on commencement of the Act, he should be deemed to be serving out his final term in office.

“Also, the law permits that despite reaching retirement of 65 years in service, the President reserves the right to appoint Chief Executives especially those on tenured appointments in government organizations to be so appointed. The provision of the civil service as regards tenured appointments, requires that where a public officer (Chief Executive Officer) reaches the retirement age while on tenured appointment, such an officer should retire from service and be allowed to serve out his term in office, " the top official further clarified.

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