TwitterThread: 'Nigerian women rank VERY LOW in the dating market' Kelvin Odanz

You will never see a thread on Twitter where men of other Nationalities are saying something this good about Nigerian women. I promise you that.

But why are some of you getting triggered because of this nau?😭 I thought it is a fact we all know

When Nigerian men go out there, we are hot cakes. We just need to show other women half the love and effort we show our women here. And they fall helplessly in love. Little effort
The non Nigerian friends (Ghanaian, Kenyan, Hungarian) I've had who have dated Nigerian women have very little good to say about our women.

Like I've been on Twitter for over a decade and I've never seen a appreciation thread for Nigerian women. Prove me wrong please
But you'd find dozens of appreciation thread for Nigerian men from women of other Nationalities.

Nigerian women rank VERY LOW in the dating market outside of this country. This is true, albeit a bitter truth. Most of us know this. Don't be triggered please 🙏
Btw: You'd find lots of Nigerian men marrying women from other countries. But you'd rarely find Nigerian women getting married to men of other nationalities. When a Nigerian woman abroad is married, she is very likely getting married to a Nigerian man who has decided to settle.😭
I know this thread will make a lot of you very angry and disgusted at me but that's the whole point eh. If I don't annoy you, tell me who will?

I love you guys still, despite the fact that you can be very boring and annoying and too entitled. Kisses 😘😘 

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