Bima: An Xray of a misunderstood Senator

Bima: An Xray of a misunderstood Senator 

With the mountainous criticisms and opposing views befalling on Senator Muhammad Bima Enagi, it became necessary to xray the activities of the Niger south senator. The senator who is a retired Director  at the Central Bank of Nigeria has been under huge sectional criticisms regarding some projects within the zone he is representing. 

A look at his profile shows that the senator has been able to sponsor about eleven bills on the floor of the National Assembly amongst which is the Bill for an Act to prohibit/regulate the importation/use of generating sets to curb the menace of environmental(air) pollution and to facilitate the development of the power sector 2020. The bill however arose a lot of reactions mostly, negative due to the inability of the public to understand where the senator was driving at. 

Now, on his part, the senator initiated that bill in order to find a lasting solution to the erratic power supply in the country. The senator felt one of the best ways to improve power supply is when the generating sets that serve as alternatives to the menace of electricity are prohibited from importation into the country.  

Logically, when one continues to go for alternatives without fixing his available resources then certainly there is high tendency of not ever putting the main products in order. 

In the same vein, environmental health hazard has been a major reoccurrence in the world today. The most talked about issue in the international community today aside insecurity is climate change. Consequently, air pollution has been regarded as one of the causes of climate change and global warming. Thus, to stay safe and avoid any environmental harzard there is need to control the amount of fumes from industries, vehicles as well as generating sets. 

Bima is a senator that has reignited the Hydro Electric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HYPADEC) bill which has been abandoned for about nine years since it's passage into law. Bima, while moving the motion on the floor of the National Assembly said since the bill was assented in 2010 by the Jonathan administration a whooping sum of N354, 570,  637 million was appropriated to the commission in 2011, N247,500,000 million in 2014 and N10,106,632 million in 2015 totalling about N612,177, 269 million. 

Also, recently, some critics took out Senator Bima over the reconstruction of the historic city gates in Bida. The critics fervently believed that the reconstruction of that particular historic structure was just a misplaced priority. Thus, the critics have forgotten that the said reconstruction was out Senator Bima's benevolence to modernise and give the historic structure a new look. Embarking on such projects methinks is not a misplacement of priority but rather widening and increasing his political goodwill as well as gesture to the people of Bida and environs.

It is obvious that despite the Chairman, state House of Assembly member and the federal legislators within the Bida constituency, no other person came out to embark on the said 'cheap project' but Senator Bima did. 

Again, the criticisms that senator Bima embarked on an 8km road in Bida and abandoned it should be a slap on the face of the critics. If  a senator who has at his utmost priority to give the people dividends of democracy cannot complete an 8km road will be quiet unfortunate for the people's senator. Bima has carried out more expensive projects than the reconstruction of the 8km road.

Perhaps, it is because of the senator's willingness to fulfill his promises of ensuring that the people enjoy the dividends of democracy that is why the people-turned critics are yearning for the completion of the road. 

Notwithstanding the loopholes the Enagi born senator may face, his undaunted efforts and resilience shows that he is ready to continue his constituency outreach despite unsubstantiated criticisms for critics.  The criticisms he faced is an energiser to his progress.

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