How my daughter made me stop smoking 9 sticks of cigarettes daily in the White House — Obama

Former US President, Barack Obama admits in forthcoming memoir he smoked up to eight or nine cigarettes a day due to stress of being president. The Daily Mail is reporting

The 768-page tome, entitled 'A Promised Land' and out on November 17, focuses on Obama's early political career through his first term in the White House but the book also features some human interest stories, including the former president's struggle to quit smoking. 

Obama admits that he would sometimes smoke eight or nine or ten cigarettes a day and look for a ‘discreet location to grab an evening smoke,' in the memoir, a copy of which was obtained by CNN.

He credits his eldest daughter Malia with getting him to quit, writing she 'frowned' at him after 'smelling a cigarette on my breath’. He said he ceaselessly chewed nicotine gum to stop.

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