Villagers Take Permission From Bandits to Conduct Wedding Ceremony in Zamfara

 Villagers in Zamfara are now made to take permission from bandits before conducting a wedding ceremony. 

A father who was narrating his ordeal on a weekly BBC Hausa program said,  the terrorists group asked his brother to 'lend' them his daughter for a week or face being destroyed. He added the daughter was taken and was continuously raped in their den for the period.

"On a weekly program of BBC Hausa that I was on last night, a father told a story that kept me awake. Bandits in Zamfara asked his brother to “lend” them his daughter for a week or they destroy them. They took her & raped her in their den for the period. His isn’t the only family.

"He said families in their villages can’t conduct any wedding ceremony until they seek permission from bandits and pay them “marriage fees”. This is happening in a state where the Governor is taking photos with bandits, paying them and quarreling with soldiers to not attack them."

Source: Bulama Bukarti

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