APC and acute governance failure in Niger State: By Abdulkadir Abdul


When the All Progressives Congress (APC) was formed in 2013, many Nigerians had tremendous hope in the party to deliver the country from the shackles of darkness, chronic poverty, hunger, bad governance and total maladministration in our land. Nigerians were hopeful of a prosperous economy, a profitable industrialisation, urbanization and or immediate growth and development in all sectors of the economy. Even with a haphazard manifesto and a lot more which portrayed the APC as not too different from the now comatose (or is it toothless?) Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), many Nigerians embraced the APC only because they needed a change so desperately.

Six years after the change mantra across the country, there is no doubt that a lot of people are disappointed in the party especially at the grassroots and state levels. Challenges notwithstanding, President Muhammadu Buhari has done his best to fix a lot of things in the country, but his best is not good enough as the citizens need a better deal. Accordingly, most Nigerian governors & other representatives across the nation are jokers in the corridors of power. Governance at local, state and federal level seems to have veered off the right track very dangerously. The leaders have demonstrated little or nothing to show that they are ready for serious governance at all levels. There is obvious leadership failure in Niger State occasioned by a lack of adequate infrastructure, adequate security, good health care delivery system, stable power supply, good road networks and many others. Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has done little or nothing to keep the hope of the millions of Nigerlites alive in terms of good governance. We can see today that the security of lives in the state is deteriorating, the health sector is in shambles and the educational sector is in the doldrums. The economy of the state is in poor state as many roads in the state, including Bida-Minna road, have consistently remained death traps, despite monies borrowed to finance their construction and or reconstruction. As a matter of fact, our governor has not demonstrated any good administrative skill in greatly impacting the state and its people and could therefore be said to be greatly incompetent, just like many representatives from the state.

Niger State is simply unlucky with most of its present crop of political leaders and we hereby encourage Nigerlites to reconsider their political choices in future elections even as we pray that Allah gives us better leaders in the time to come.

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